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Sadly, I believe that we live in an age when profit comes before human needs. Drug company representatives offer Doctors incentives to prescribe their products, whilst the NHS (in the UK) is encouraging them to prescribe generic, less expensive drugs.

It is even worse in Countries that ask you to pay for your healthcare - if you can't afford insurance it can be a death sentence.
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Once you become ill and start having to take medication it starts a snowball effect - your regular medication has side effects, so your Doctor prescribes another pill to counteract the effects of the first drug and so on.

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I know I'm far from the fittest or healthiest person on the planet. I'm overweight, don't eat enough so-called healthy foods, drink alcohol and get insufficient exercise but I'm generally healthier than most people I know. Why?

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IN EARLY 2015 there was a news article telling us that the directive to eat less fat several years ago was flawed and not based on proper scientific research. I'm sure that the majority of the people on the planet uttered 'tell us something we don't know'! Then a highly educated Nutritionist was asked her opinion. After quite a lengthy speech which basically summed up that she wasn't entirely convinced that fat is not bad for you, her over-riding message was that anything in excess is bad for you!

salt and pepper

salt and pepper

I hate to sound cynical, but every week the Scientists overturn the findings of their fabulous colleagues and tell us the opposite. Salt is bad for yousalt is good for you. Too many carbohydrates are bad for us and can lead to diabetes - starved of carbohydrates our bodies will produce extra insulin and we will end up with diabetes.

Who are we to believe?

You are going to hate me for saying this but have we forgotten how to employ good old common sense? My Mother always used to advocate moderation in all things. This is the best health advice I can give anyone. Eat what you feel like, not what you think might be good for you (the experts will only change their minds about it next week, anyway), eat when you're genuinely hungry, stop when you're full and avoid binges -

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- give in to your cravings as your body knows what it wants ...

... but don't go mad; have 2 or 3 biscuits if that's what you fancy, but leave the remainder of the pack for tomorrow!

Get outside, breathe deeply and walk in the fresh air. Try to get your heart pumping but don't be obsessive about it - exercise, even if its gentle, will still get those endorphins flowing. If you want to go on a run or go to the gym, do it, but don't try to evangelically persuade someone else to join you, unless they want to.

Moderation In All Things!
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Except love - be expansive with that!

... because, in my opinion, the greatest contribution to feeling and being healthy is happiness. Keep an eye on my blog though, as I will be inviting friends and acquaintances who are much better educated about health than I am to write guest blogs which may help to improve or maintain your health.

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