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A brief Soiree into Recruitment

led to me become self-employed – the start of my journey joining independent business women. Marriage and the arrival of two small children led to a lot of experimentation. I’ve washed-up in a pub, worked as a midday supervisor at my children’s school and done freelance administrative work for a handful of Clients – I was employed by the school but otherwise I have remained self-employed and cobbled together some much needed additional family income.

The birth of my third child and my subsequent divorce led me down the path of childminding – an obvious choice for a mum who wanted to remain as her child’s sole carer, whilst still earning money. At the same time I studied for a Diploma and Foundation Degree in Interior Design – my graduation ceremony was one of the best days of my life, to date.

So what am I doing Now?

I am the owner of a small publishing business, editing, producing and distributing a magazine that informs thousands of local families about what’s going on locally; which means that I know a little about marketing and promoting your business!

I am still full time Mum to my trainee teenager, I love to paint and draw in my spare time and I am a volunteer presenter on a local community radio station – I present a weekly music show which is gaining quite a following – and I have sold a little advertising space, produced and voiced over a couple of advertisements as well.

My Health Is Extremely Good

I have quite a number of allergies which I have learned to manage over the years and I get minor aches and pains – a side effect of getting old – but am generally very well.


My bonkers four year old Labrador

I exercise most days, thanks to my personal trainer – and attempt to eat healthily, but have rather a sweet tooth which regularly thwarts my attempts: step away from the jelly babies!


My attitude to health and fitness is ‘everything in moderation’ (well, most of the time anyway) and feel that positive mental attitude is as beneficial as most of the health advice that is out there.